Noah’s Spoons


My spoons are traditionally handcrafted wooden spoons, kitchen utensils, scoops, bowls and more. Each piece is hand carved from local fallen hardwoods. My process involves finding harvested trees throughout the city and using hand tools to manipulate the logs into variety of things. Each piece is fully functional a designed to be used in the kitchen or at the dining room table. I treat the spoons with a homemade bee’s wax mineral oil.

I received formal training in Appalachian woodworking at The Outdoor Academy (OA) in Brevard, NC, USA when I was 16 years old and picked the trade back up in 2014 under the tutelage of another OA alum Will Burney. I have loved sharpening my skills in the woodworking and carpentry over the last 5 years and look forward to designing a fabricating more one a kind pieces.

I started Noahs Spoons by launching an online store and sold my work at a few pop-up shops around Atlanta. GA. I have taught some informal lessons to friends, family and curious neighbors but mostly love spreading my knowledge of the craft and the value of a good tree and good wood.