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From project manager and 3d modeling to drone pilot, art director and video editor, I have worn a ton of hats while working on a wide array of projects. Some of the memorable experiences include the design of an eco-farm in the Dominican Republic and the historic preservation of an Olmstedian landscape in Atlanta, Georgia.

I was born in raised in Atlanta and studied Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia from 2008-2013. From 2013-2018 I worked in Atlanta for Tunnell & Tunnell Landscape Architecture. In 2018 I moved to New York City to study Urban Design at Columbia University.

I am currently working as an Art Director in New York and am doing freelance design work.

  • Current Roles sought: Urban Designer, Landscape Designer, Project Manager, solution consultant, business development, and fabrication

  • On the weekend: Hiking or biking, city explorations, or a So Far Sound Gig

  • Proudest Accomplishment: Starting a small woodworking business @Noahsspoons focused on creating wooden housewares using traditional wood working techniques

  • Currently Reading- Happy City by Charles Montgomery

  • Currently Listening: 99% Invisible, a design podcast

Email me: noahmshaye@gmail.com

Updates on Instagram: @noahsspoons